First blog post

Hey!!! thanks for popping by.

I’m sure you’ve already read who I am, but here it is again.

My name is Bianca Llanera, I live in West Yorkshire and I love food. I think my love for food has come from the great food my family have made me growing up, I’m surrounded by naturally talented cooks. I have always loved helping in the kitchen, and friends and colleagues are always asking for recipe ideas. So this is why I thought about setting up this blog. I love experimenting and trying new recipes, and I would love the opportunity to share recipes and meals I have loved with any other food lovers.

For those of you who don’t know me already and if you hadn’t already guessed from my name, I am half Spanish, not welsh, don’t let the double L throw you off. So a lot of my favourite foods are Mediterranean. I lived on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain until I was about 5/6 yrars old. Then I moved back to Gods own country with my mum and sister. I am sooooo lucky as I can visit when I wish as my dad and the whole of that side of the family still live there. When I was 17 I decided to move back to Mallorca for a summer and I lived with my auntie. My auntie is a chef, and OMGosh the meals she made for us were unreal, she is hands down my fave chef!! Of course, I will share these meals and recipes with you all!!

So I found it hard to choose a name for my blog. People in general would describe me as a foodie. People also just call me B not Bianca. So mixed the two sounds together and I came up with FoodB. What you all think?

I will be blogging mostly about food, my favourite hobbie, but I’ll also be sharing with you updates on my allotment I have acquired. I am a novice, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of veggie disasters along the way to share, if there are any keen gardeners out there, make yourself known, I’ll need your help!!!

So, with my home grown produce I’ll be trying some hopefully tasty and edible recipes. Some recipes I may use from one of my many cookbooks on my bookcase. I will make this know when posting, no copyright intended, I am purely trying the recipe and sharing with you guys.

I am health conscious so where possible i will try and make the recipes healthier, but don’t worry ill be making some indulgent ones too. Its all about balance guys.

I do love a good holiday too, so I’ll take you all on my food journey with me. I find it so exciting trying new foods. I remember being in Nishiki market in Kyoto Japan and walking down trying everything possible. Granted I wasn’t a massive fan of everything, especially the dried fish. Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of fish but these were another level fishy flavour, but to me that’s part of the experience. I try and do a cooking class in the countries I visit, so I’m hoping I can then come back and try these recipes at home and relive the amazing memories.

Hasta Luego for now


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