Hey, thanks for visiting my blog!!!

My Name is Bianca Llanera. Though most people call me B, so that’s where the blog name started.
My passions are food and travel and i thought it would be great to share my ideas and experiences with my friends and family and anyone who is interested.
I also have an allotment, so I’ll be showing off my Vegetable achievements or possible disasters, in which I’ll share some recipes using my own grown veggies.

I’m no professional chef so ill be sharing with you what i know and what i have learnt along the way. i have always loved cooking and always on the look out for new recipes. Some recipes i share will be from some of my favorite chefs, I’m just basically playing guinea pig for you all.

I try to travel somewhere new every year. So i will be telling you all about my travels and the yummy food i have tried along the way.

Enjoy and thanks for popping by x


Some of the links on my posts are affiliated, this just means that if you purchase anything through my links, I earn a slight percentage. This blog is just a hobby at the moment and i don’t earn a profit, however my dream would be to be able to do this full time. By using my link it will help me to be able to keep making and sharing recipes, as you can appreciate everything costs money to buy. Please please please if you plan to buy anything mentioned on my blog use my links. thanks in advance and hopefully I can continue to share my passion with you all.

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