My Allotment

This is where i will keep you up to date with my allotment.

I took out an agreement on my plot in July 2017. It was after watching River cottage with Hugh, that made me want to have a go at growing my own veg, at the time i was having work done to my garden to have it all resin so there wasn’t anywhere to grown veggies.

so i thought id have a look on my local council website and to my surprise i managed to get a plot and it is around the corner to my house!! It was such a lovely surprise to get a response so quick as I knew that most allotment plots had years waiting list.

I was also very lucky to get the biggest plot in my area. It came with two make shift green houses from the previous owner and fruit treas.

I have done lots of research, bought books and have planned my plot out.

I’ll make sure to keep you updated with my progress, whether its a veggie flop or if I manage to grow a prize winning courgette.

I’m using my first Autumn and winter to prepare the soil and build raised beds to hopefully start growing in the Spring.

Any crops I manage to grow, I’ll share some recipe ideas too.