So i am not your typical back packer at the moment, i have bag packed in the past and i had the best time ever. However i am at a different point in my life from them days, so i can now afford to have my own room rather than sharing a dorm with a handful of strangers. Not that it’s not fun meeting new people, id just rather not meet them while either half asleep or half naked.

I first got the travelling bug when my best friend Nina planned us a summer away inter-railing Europe. She planned the first few cities and then we kind of just went with the flow from there. It was one of my fave summers EVER!! I would recommend this to anybody, not just young people, but couples and family’s too. It’s amazing that you can travel around a continent on one ticket.

Every year since then i have more or less traveled somewhere new. So far its been all in Asia, but i’m hoping to travel around south America over the next few years before any rugrats come into my life.

One of my favourite things about travelling as a foodie is trying all the wonderful foods and flavours. I know we are so lucky in the UK to have all these exotic and delicious meals on our doorsteps and amazing take-away’s, but nothing beats the real deal. The foods i have had the opportunity to try have been incredible.

So far in Asia, everything has blown my mouth off, my gosh do they love spicy food. Luckily for me, so do i!! But jeeeeeez, i have nearly destroyed all taste buds on my flavour journey. The foods around Europe were very much more subtle, but still as tasty. Hungarian Goulash is up there with one of my faves.

i will share some blogs to tell you about the countries i have visited. Ill also share travel tips and my itinerary to hopefully provide some ideas to any keen or new travelers out there who are reading.

As i mentioned in my first blog too. i always try do a cooking class in each country. so, I will bring the recipes back with me to share with you all.